Resonance Consultancy  has ranked 10 UK cities as Europe’s best, including Manchester which ranks at 27 out of 100.

The 2024 Europe’s Best Cities report ranks the overall performance of more than 180 principal European cities in metropolitan areas with populations of more than 500,000, using Resonance Consultancy’s unique combination of statistical performance and qualitative evaluations by locals and visitors, in order to identify the Top 100 places to live, visit and invest in Europe.

Resonance’s study features a total of 27 metrics, ranging from rental prices and cultural attractions to number of startup businesses and visitor numbers. Resonance interprets this data through the lens of three key factors—Livability, Lovability and Prosperity—to define each city’s Place Power Score

Last year, Manchester was ranked 33 out of a hundred European cities, showing a jump of 6 places in the last twelve months.

Manchester is the third highest UK city on the list, only behind London and Oxford.

The rankings praise Manchester’s creative rebirth and buzz, praising new openings and the large-scale events the city has attracted including WOMEX and Beyond the Music. It also praises the city’s grassroots venues.  The city’s airport and plans for renovations have also been praised, with the airport working to secure new international connections and increase passenger levels.

Resonance Consultancy also released a report of worldwide cities, in which Manchester is ranked number 72. This report also highlights Manchester’s universities and reputation for innovation, as well as how the city celebrates its industrial heritage. Other highlights include Manchester’s museum offering and Factory International as a flagship cultural centre.