Innovation Greater Manchester

Innovation Greater Manchester is a business-led partnership that harnesses the collaborative power of businesses, universities, and local government to drive productivity through collaboration, research and innovation.

Its ambition is to build an innovation ecosystem and ensure the whole city-region benefits from the excellence created and developed, through high-quality education and training, high-quality jobs, good healthcare, affordable houses, spaces to support new and scaling businesses and good infrastructure with improved connectivity for all.

Greater Manchester has been asked by UK Government to pilot the Innovation Accelerator programme alongside Glasgow city-region and the West Midlands. It is a unique opportunity for local and national government and innovation agencies to work with businesses to co-design, deploy, and evaluate new approaches to place-based innovation. The programme provides a total of £100m shared across the three regions, as well as support for developing each area’s innovation ecosystem.

Find out more about Innovation Greater Manchester and the Innovation Accelerator at the Innovation Greater Manchester website.