Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce has called upon businesses to help tackle skills shortages by contributing their views to the region’s Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP), which aims to make the skills system more responsive to the needs of employers.

As the designated Employer Representative Body for the Greater Manchester LSIP, which is funded by the Department for Education, the Chamber is tasked with mapping out where the main skills shortages are in each sector and borough of Greater Manchester. It will then work with skills providers, employers and relevant stakeholders in each area to address the skills shortfalls through relevant training and courses to provide businesses with the skilled workers they need.

The Chamber has asked businesses to tell them about shortages in green and net zero skills. The city region’s environmental vision is to be carbon neutral by 2038, so many businesses will be taking action to do what they can to reduce their carbon footprint, however, many may struggle to find the skilled workers they need to help fulfil their green ambitions.

Chris Fletcher, Contract Director for the Greater Manchester LSIP and Policy Director at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, said:

“From what businesses are telling us so far, there are some clear trends emerging of where the main skills gaps are. However, now we need to find out how ready businesses are to do their bit to reach net zero, and if they are ready, whether there are enough people out there who can make these plans a reality.

“Our green skills survey will capture which skills are in short supply and what measures businesses are taking in order to retain staff who have those skills. This information will help inform the LSIP which in turn will inform the skills provision implemented in each local authority area.

“We are extremely grateful to the businesses who have already shared their views about skills shortages and recruitment problems in their sectors, but now’s the time to talk about green skills and make sure Greater Manchester is ready to supply the skilled workers we need to meet our environmental objectives.”

For more information about the Greater Manchester Local Skills Improvement Plan, visit the website: