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The second in the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership collaborative Webinars with the Growth Company about the Build Back Better movement took place this week with our GMLEP co-chair Lou Cordwell, Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, Mark Hughes, Chief Executive of the Growth Company and hosted by John Quinton-Barber, CEO, Social.

The webinar revisited GM’s emerging overall approach to recovery planning – Build Back Better – and what that practically means for business and the economy in order to frame a consistent message to GM Business. This followed the first Build Back Better webinar on 11 May.

Built on the detail of Build Back Better to engage Greater Manchester  businesses in supporting a standards-led approach to reopening businesses; highlighting where we need to innovate and change, reflecting on feedback and emerging themes from businesses to date and calling out for further engagement and input

Addressed some of the practical challenges and concerns facing businesses today based on the feedback from our Build Back Better form, and what our Greater Manchester partners are doing to support safe reopening.

To give the GMLEP your feedback on what ‘better’ looks like to you and your business, please go to

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