A comprehensive directory listing of 1,700 training courses, including 450 apprenticeship programmes, is now available across Greater Manchester, providing a one-stop-shop for skills support for employers and learners. 

The GM Skills Map is being delivered by GM Business Growth Hub on behalf of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

The platform stands as the most comprehensive skills directory in the region. Its aim is to simplify the process of exploring available skills provisions for both employers and learners in Greater Manchester by providing information on thousands of training courses and apprenticeship programmes from hundreds of training providers, including universities and colleges.

Covering sectors from marketing to finance and IT to green skills, the online directory ensures that users can find relevant skills and training opportunities tailored to their needs.

A previous version of the platform was used for companies to search and access courses under the successful Skills for Growth Programme which helped more than 20,000 individuals get skills support.

The newly relaunched GM Skills Map is now available to everyone across the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester.

Director of GM Business Growth Hub, Janine Smith, said: “The enhanced GM Skills Map will revolutionise skills provision in Greater Manchester, empowering businesses and individuals to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

“Using GM Skills Map, they can seamlessly navigate the wide variety of training opportunities on offer.

“By making informed decisions regarding available skills, businesses can unlock growth, drive and innovation.”

 Using GM Skills Map, businesses and individuals can easily find, compare, and understand available skills provisions across the region.

The Business Essentials section enables quick searches in key areas such as marketing, HR, finance, IT, and leadership.

For those interested in apprenticeships, detailed information on employer commitments, minimum wage, funding, and levy matching is readily available.

Bitesize courses cater to the time constraints of busy professionals, offering courses under one hour in duration.

GM Skills Map is the latest digital tool launched by GM Business Growth Hub specially designed to make Greater Manchester a better place to do business. Last month the Hub launched their first to market GenAI Chatbot, where anyone can get answers 24/7 to their business questions.

For more information and to explore the GM Skills Map platform, visit www.gmskillsmap.co.uk.