A blueprint for Building a Greater Manchester, Making a Greater Britain, will be unveiled by Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership (GM LEP) leaders at an online event at 11am on Wednesday, November 18.

Providing the first insight into the practical steps that will be taken to build back better, the GM LEP Economic Vision launch will outline plans for a “fairer, greener, growing economy”, prioritising innovation and green growth while addressing inequalities.

Working with the Growth Company and other partners, GM LEP continues to provide a comprehensive range of support to businesses and individuals dealing with the economic impact of coronavirus but is also looking ahead to economic recovery and growth.

The event will be an opportunity for Greater Manchester’s business and economic leaders to learn more about the plan and how they can get involved in its delivery.

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GM LEP Co-Chairs Lou Cordwell and Mo Isap and Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) Portfolio Lead for Business and Economy Cllr Elise Wilson will speak at the event.

They will outline how Greater Manchester can attract research and development investment and drive innovation, while tackling inequality and encouraging diversity. There are also proposals for aligning skills with employer demand, improving productivity and stimulating infrastructure investment.

Together, the proposals form a blueprint for reshaping the city-region’s economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, emphasising the role for Greater Manchester in leading UK economic recovery.

The blueprint builds on the Local Industrial Strategy, which was published in summer 2019, while acknowledging the economic and social shifts brought about by the pandemic.

Lou Cordwell, GM LEP Co-Chair, said: “While the LEP and its partners remain dedicated to helping businesses navigate the difficult months ahead, we also think it is the right time to consider how we can improve our economy and our society.

“Living with Covid has given us the chance to pause, reflect and reimagine what comes next. We’re determined to build back better, and this event will see us set out our blueprint for how this can be achieved.”

Mo Isap, GM LEP Co-Chair, said: “Our vision is one of sustainable growth that works for all of Greater Manchester’s people and the planet. The plans we will outline are the first steps towards realising this.

“The vision plays to our sector strengths while leveraging the spirit of collaboration and heritage for innovation that have made Greater Manchester what it is today. We look forward to sharing it with the wider business community and inviting them to join us on the journey.”