Capital Enterprise are hosting an event to showcase the future of AI in Greater Manchester.

In collaboration with the Turing Innovation Catalyst Manchester and Digital Gurus, the event hopes to introduce attendees to Manchester’s emerging AI community.

This exclusive event aims to be a catalyst for change and unveil the transformative potential of the AI Accelerator programme, helping businesses and innovators foster connections within the tech community, and set the stage for groundbreaking developments in AI.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders about the transformative potential of AI and how to navigate the challenges and opportunities it presents.

The event will give attendees a chance to:

  • Dive into the heart of AI innovation and learn about the vision behind the TIC AI Accelerator, its significance for Greater Manchester, and what it means for the future of AI and tech startups.
  • Get an exclusive look at the pioneering startups within the AI Accelerator. Discover how these innovators are being supported to shape the future of technology.
  • Engage with a panel of experts unpacking insights on how to get the most out of an accelerator and effectively scale your businesses by engaging with industry experts.
  • Participate in a dynamic fishbowl discussion on the ethical dimensions of AI, its potential as a force for good, and critical concerns surrounding AI and ethics.

There will also be a chance to connect with a diverse group of professionals from the AI and tech ecosystem in Greater Manchester, and network to encourage collaborations.

This is a chance to join a growing community dedicated to advancing AI technology and its applications for societal benefit. By immersing yourself in Manchester’s vibrant tech community, businesses can forge meaningful connections, and find potential collaborators at the forefront of AI innovation in Manchester.

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