A new conference centred around business with a purpose will be hosted in Manchester on Thursday 10 November.

Hosted in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University and Ethos Magazine, the one-day event will bring together like-minded individuals, change-makers and innovators to help make the world a better place as businesses begin to balance profits with purpose.

Discussing leadership, finance, activism and other subjects, the day will feature keynote speakers, insightful workshops and discussions to help Greater Manchester businesses become leaders of change.

The theme for the 2022 summit is innovation, exploring how we can create systemic change in business through collective action, education and support.

Hosted at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Business School the event is intended for anyone passionate about building a business that leaves the world a better place.

Ticket packages include the opportunity for attendees to join an accredited Carbon Literacy course which can lead to a certification for their business.

These courses are designed for professionals who want to make a positive change and act on climate change and will take place the day before the conference. The training is designed to give an understanding of the science behind climate change and the actions that individuals and businesses can take to address the issues it presents.

According to YouGov, 60% of people want to go greener, putting sustainability at the top of the agenda for UK business leaders. Especially with the government’s drive to hit net zero by 2050. 

The Summit’s organiser Hannah Cox said: “We wanted to create something really special in the North West for business leaders who want to make positive change in their lives, their businesses, and the wider world. 

“The Better Business Summit is an opportunity to collaborate and learn from some of the brightest changemakers in the UK. 

“With two fantastic partners on board so far and a great interactive space at the university’s business school the 2022 summit is set to inspire attendees and provide tons of actionable takeaways.” 

To learn more about the Summit and to purchase tickets, click here.

LREF is an opportunity to bang the drum for Greater Manchester. It provides a platform for our partners to promote their own developments as well as showcase sustainable development and investment across the city region as a whole, showing what Greater Manchester can achieve collaboratively.