A new digital streaming service will showcase diverse cultural events and acts from Greater Manchester to local, national and global audiences.

StreamGM builds on the incredible achievements of United We Stream GM, launched on April 3rd, 2020, in swift response to the first UK lockdown.

It will provide specialised ‘hands on’ industry experience for young people, in the production and promotion of digital broadcasting.

StreamGM will kick off proceedings on April 12 as part of the Digital City Festival with an audio-visual DJ set themed around Mancunian music and culture.

Culture is a key ingredient among the factors that make Greater Manchester an attractive place to live, work, invest, study and visit.

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, a GM LEP board member, said:

“United We Stream GM was an incredible success, raising hundreds of thousands of pounds for people working in the culture industry at a time when through no fault of their own they were not able to work, and put smiles on the faces of people in Greater Manchester and across the world when they needed it most.

“Like everyone involved, I’m excited for the next stage of this journey as we launch StreamGM to showcase all the local talent we have right here in Greater Manchester.

“While we are all looking forward to getting back to live theatre, music and everything else our culture sector has to offer, this world class digital platform will play an essential role in our recovery throughout 2021.

“Many venues will not be able to reopen fully until the second half of the year so by prioritising digital development such as this, we can continue to support our culture sector so they can later support us all through our personal recoveries from what we have experienced through the pandemic.”

StreamGM co-producer Marie-Claire Daly said:

“We’re a small team driven by an immense shared love of music and culture, and will continue to bang the drum for Greater Manchester.

“Live streaming has been around for years, but worldwide lockdowns and social distancing meant no more in-person events or performances, so it became a source of escapism as audiences transitioned to live streamed experiences, connecting together, virtually.

“Despite the U.K roadmap into reopening, the exponential digital broadcasting boom will continue as we slowly move into recovery from the pandemic, and streaming will play a valuable part in both bolstering and enhancing the culture and live events sector for years to come.”

For more information about StreamGM please go to www.streamgm.co.uk 

StreamGM Poster