A new digital workspace platform from the Netherlands has officially launched in the UK, choosing to base its UK operations in Manchester.

Workspace 365 simplifies business software, empowering employees to be more efficient and enabling businesses to unlock the potential of their teams.

With Spaces in central Manchester operating as its British Headquarters, Workspace 365 allows users to access all their software requirements via one adaptive visual dashboard, either on their computer or their mobile device via an app, and boosts productivity by giving each employee up to 30 minutes of their working time back per day.

Erik Nicolai, CEO and co-founder of Workspace 365, said: “Our continued growth in the Netherlands is testament to the increasing organisational need for user-friendly, bespoke digital workspaces, accelerated by the hybrid working movement in response to Covid.

“Workspace 365 is a unique product which we were keen to launch in the UK to enable British businesses to meet growing employee demand for digital workplace experiences. With its thriving tech ecosystem and talent pool, Manchester was the natural location for our UK headquarters, and we’re excited to be a part of this great city.”

Workspace 365 choosing Manchester as their headquarters highlights the strength of the city-region’s tech capabilities and talent. As the UK’s top tech city outside of London, Manchester is proving to be a first-choice base for tech start-ups, SMEs and growing businesses.

Workspace 365 replaces the traditional computer desktop with a bespoke, employee-centric digital workspace solution. The interface allows users to access the individual pieces of software they need to do their job from anywhere, using any device connected to the internet.

The applications – which will be personalised to each individual user’s needs – are accessible from the one-stop Workspace 365 platform, which means users no longer need to open separate windows for tasks such as word processing, spreadsheets, web browsing or email.

It’s thought that this technology will save each individual Workspace 365 user up to half an hour every working day, giving them more time to focus on core tasks. It will also streamline processes, simplify document management, and increase collaboration and engagement by improving communication, via apps such as Yammer. Workspace 365 will also simplify software adoption and access to information for businesses.

A key benefit of Workspace 365 is its simplified single sign-on, which significantly reduces concerns surrounding password management and makes the product accessible to those with lower IT literacy.

The system, which is already in use in continental Europe, has been built with evolution firmly in mind. New updates are released every three weeks and each user has a personalised dashboard aligned with the specifics of their role, regardless of how it may change. This includes the Hub, a platform on which knowledge can be shared and announcements – both company-wide and bespoke to the employee – are made.

Aimed at medium-to-large businesses with 200+ users, Workspace 365 allows for a smooth transition to the cloud as it integrates technologies into a secure, browser-based workspace available as an app on any device.