Building a Greater Manchester, Making a Greater Britain
Wednesday 18 November
11:00 – 11:45

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a global reappraisal of economic priorities, putting people and the planet first. Building on our frontier sector strengths in advanced materials, green growth, health innovation and digital and creative, Greater Manchester is now poised to lead UK economic recovery with a plan for innovation, green growth and addressing inequalities.

This is our opportunity not to go back to normal, but forward to better, creating a Greater Manchester and in turn, a Greater Britain. GM LEP invites you to join us for a special event on Wednesday 18 November, where our Economic Vision will be launched and discussed by its authors.

Lou Cordwell OBE, founder of Digital Studio magneticNorth and Co-Chair of GM LEP

Mo Isap, founder and CEO of digital skills and training organisation IN4.0, and Co-Chair of GM LEP

Cllr Elise Wilson, SME owner, Leader of Stockport Council, GM LEP board member and GMCA Economic Portfolio Lead

The event will be hosted by Simon Keegan, Editor of North West Business Insider.

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